Connecting Businesses

We want to see you looking good on the Internet.

We offer full service package to get your business ready to go online, providing technical and design needs. From set-up to implementation, and from maintenance to development, Webtink provides a complete online service for businesses of different industries. We do the homework by dealing with the online part for businesses or companies, so you can focus on your business operation.

We will walk side by side with you so you can have a peace of mind knowing that you are getting the most of your online investment. We are known for providing genuine services, where we always keep to the essentials for our clients to get maximum profit. We love giving advice about what we know best, which you can use to support your decision in implementing your business strategy.


The Way We Do Business

We breathe in our values.

It has always been our honour to be able to help businesses adapt with changes which happen due to technology advancement, economic growth, changing market behaviour, and many other things. To be able to do so, we believe we need to hold on to our values when delivering our services.

Our values define who we are, how we behave, and what is expected to be the outcome of our effort. These values are the essence of our culture.


Never stop learning, obtain knowledge and pursue wisdom.


Respect each other because differences make us rich.


Put ourselves in others’ shoes to deliver solutions.


Accept nothing less than A+ for results and bring the best attitude.